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Barely escaped freezing to death: New York City

Bloged in Honeymoon 2006 by gu-ru on 11:55 PM

On January 9, we flew to New York together with Nicole. At the airport, we checked in the biggest and heaviest luggage and went to see the city with backpack and guitar on our backs. (read on…)

Buffalo Chicken Wings :0)

Bloged in Honeymoon 2006 by gu-ru on 11:56 PM

That was a fight! In NYC, they had a storm, which delayed our departure and arrival. AA couldn’t/didn’t want to help us getting our JetBlue plane to Buffalo, even though we tried hard. So, finally, we went to the JetBlue terminal, after we had waited a long time for our luggage. We wanted to try to get a seat on one of the next flights. (read on…)

Miami & Florida Keys

Bloged in Honeymoon 2006 by gu-ru on 11:24 PM

Once we had arrived in Miami, we desperately tried to squeeze the pile of luggage into our rented Chrysler Crossfire.


No way, unless the new guitar would stay on the second seat and Mo didn’t want to run after the 200hp engine. So we waited for about an hour for a replacement car with more space – we got a PT Cruiser convertable. To make matters worse, only Tino was allowed to drive because Mo only brought her International License, which is not accepted in Florida (although, in Texas, it is). (read on…)

…let’s go to Panama

Bloged in Honeymoon 2006 by gu-ru on 09:49 AM

Despite our don’t-get-ripped-off attitude, we share a 20$ taxi ride with a bartender from New York. We’re over an hour early for the last boat to Bocas del Toro. To make a long story short: The islands are a destination for that kind of all-inclusive tourists we usually try to avoid. 10 years ago, there was nothing, but today, it’s too crowded and too expensive. We tried to make the best out of it and booked a scuba trip for the next day. (read on…)

Back in Central America

Bloged in Honeymoon 2006 by gu-ru on 01:13 PM

Right away: the reason why Central America was on our list again (after our 2004 trip) is the wedding of a very good friend. Eliseo is Salvadorean and lives in Switzerland. Now…

Welcome overwhelming, the weather warm again and the hotel right away luxurious in our eyes. Vanessa (the bride) and her sister Carolina got up at 6 that Saturday and came to get us at the airport – wow!! (read on…)

Don’t mess with Texas

Bloged in Honeymoon 2006 by gu-ru on 03:00 AM

16 hours flight from Hongkong to Dallas, TX. The jetlag hits us quite hard. On the plane, Mo even got a fever – happy us, the nice flight attendant had some Paracetamol in her first aid bag.
With the rented Dodge Caliber, we drive to the just reserved Motel and fall asleep. (read on…)

Hanoi Hongkong, one way

Bloged in Honeymoon 2006 by gu-ru on 06:58 AM

Well, after we could see Luang Prabang for 2 days, we traveled on. For reasons like time and health :o) we had decided to travel to Hanoi, Vietnam, by plane instead of the 2-day bus ride. (read on…)

Laos, naturally

Bloged in Honeymoon 2006 by gu-ru on 06:31 PM

One day and one night on the road with a decent minibus, that’s what we thought to have paid for.. hahaa. The first minibus was cool (!), the second packed and smelly. Then came the morning when we slept for 3 hours on the floor, went with the boat over the Mekong into Laos, were ripped off (like so many other times), and then we were driven by Tuk-Tuk to a packed, 70ies bus, which was falling apart. (read on…)

Northern Thailand

Bloged in Honeymoon 2006 by gu-ru on 09:49 AM

We could enjoy the company of Martin and Nik for another week – this is the time we finally spent in Chiang Mai, even though time is getting short. First, we were sick again (this is getting boring, isn’t it?), second, we liked the western luxury … culture shock! (read on…)

Adventures in Myanmar (Burma)

Bloged in Honeymoon 2006 by gu-ru on 05:16 AM

Two weeks Myanmar were a hard time for us. We only intended to spend 4 or 5 days in the country, so our experiences are mixed: The people are very lovely and unbelievably hospitable. But the infrastructure and especially the political system are a pain. (read on…)

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