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Merry Christmas

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Licht am Ende des Tunnels As for us the year went by quite fast. Tino completed his certificate course and Mo gained new experience in the ER.
On a private base there wasn’t much time to explore the world or new territories. Some climbing, diving and cycling in Sardinia. Some desert experience in Tunesia. Canyoning and soaring in Switzerland. Spent some time down in caves as you were able to see on our site.
Family wise we had some ups and downs, some loss but also some new addition to it.

Alltogether we are happy!! Thankful to spend time with such wonderful friends like you!!! … it’s not always about the fun action stuff but much more about friendship and companionship.
We hope that you as well are looking back on a fulfilling year and enjoy those special holidays with family and friends.
Merry Christmas to you!!

We’re looking forward to enjoy more time with you in 2010 as we are looking forward to some major changes in our lives!!

way over six feet under – for 8h

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It’s been a year since I got to see my first cave. Either I was sick or I had to work, but now finally I got to go underground again:


It was quite an experience to practise lowering myself down a tree above the surface. It ended up being more difficult than everybody thought.


The equipment was new this time. We were using mostly carbide lamps, the smelly carbon stone that produces an inflamable gas while reacting with water. We used a special gear for abseiling and ascension.
After about 3h of abseiling and squeezing through (this time average) cracks we reached our lowest point of a little over 100m (330ft) below surface. There were stalagmites and stalactites, some puddles of water, wonderful sculptures of any kind.

During our dinner time, I honestly got quite cold, but not for long … the last crack I did was about half a meter above my head and you had to squeeze your body through a tiny hole by pushing yourself up (almost nothing to hold on to) and moving right and left to shift your body through the constriction. It took me 3 times to do it and only with help, but I still feel good about it. ;0)


We left the cave about 6hrs later than originally planned – not an easy time for friends and family above the surface. Was really proud of Tino since he only wrote 1 text message where as others were called 7 times! You totally loose your sense of time down there. As for me … it could have been longer … but it’s not easy to estimate your strength since the hardest part is pulling yourself back up all those meters!!!

Je vraiement veux remercier notre spéleologiste et son amie!! Vous êtes des gens mérveilleux!! ;0)

Life’s rocking again …

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International Team - all survived ;0)

International Team - all survived ;0)

It’s been forever since we got to enjoy life the way we do right now …
Yesterday, we got to go down the river by boat with our Salvadorean Friends. It really was a blast!! ;0) And the river was actually pretty warm -19°C. It took us about 6h all together – with many stops including a nice BBQ in the summer sun ;0)

As if this wasn’t enough for a wonderful day we got to enjoy some excellent flight show with fireworks at night. We are talking about tiny (well up to 2m) jetplanes, helicopters and delta gliders. Some of them had parachutes coming down from them, others took some really neat fireworks up into the sky … ;0) A really cool light show.

Today it’s just working time … tomorrow Mo’s rock climbing with Martine, Tuesday another working day. Wednesday is Tino’s last test of this semester and Thursday: Off we go into well deserved vacation!!! ;0)
So, you might not hear from us very soon, but be sure:

A funny swiss commercial

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To explain the german mystery:   This commercial is trying to recruite volunteers for cleaning bird poope of the swiss alps. The producers are doing a good job convincing the consumer that this is a real emergency. “It’s just like with bacterica causing cavity to the teeth – if you don’t wash it thouroughly we won’t have the famous Matterhorn in Zermatt in 3 million years.”


Don’t quit!

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Mo being down …

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As you might have realized, time is passing by quickly. Yesterday I was a naive child, full of ideas, hopes and dreams …


… and today I turn into an “old wrinkle-faced-naive-never-grown-up”, full of ideas, hopes and still full of dreams!!!

Looking at a 3 in front of your two digit age for the first time is  quite a change. Time to celebrate or to mourn with friends ;0) TheVIP birthday invitation said something like “being down, very much down”: This is what happened: We went down, all together – all the way down and I tell you:    IT WAS A BLAST!!!!! (read on…)

Yeti Village 2008

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HEY, you probably thought we are not alive anymore …
… but we are and even quite actively alive… ;0) And because we are so active we didn’t have time to update our homepage. Huge problems, you see??
First of all we still do wish everybody a good start into the crisis year 2009. But hey didn’t we have crisis in 2008, and 7 and 6? So whats new?


Well we still thought we would start the new year with a survival training. Honestly it was like always: not that much of a deal … but instead A BUNCH OF FUN!!! (read on…)

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