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Iguazu to Ubatuba in a convoy

Bloged in The gap 2010 by gu-ru on 03:36 PM

We’ve been gaining a bit of speed since travelling with the crazy swiss couple Gabriel & Samira, whose goal is to travel from Argentina to California in one year. Since we did have the same route and all of us were unfamiliar with the biggest South American country and its chewing gum language, we decided to travel together for a while.

Foz do Iguazu and its nicest camp ground got us stuck for almost a week. We met a wonderful South African Family: Richard & Karen travelling with their 9 year old daughter Rebecca. They travelled Africa when Rebecca was 6 and now they managed to take her out of school for 8 months to travel South America. We were amazed by the way a 9 year old writes a blog all by herself. May I share your website with our friends, Rebecca?

We also met a French couple, Michelle and Robert, travelling in their overlander to Alaska. We had quite a mix of languages during our get-togethers at night. Later on we met Walter, a German living in Paraguay for almost 30 years. He had just travelled up to Venezuela with his Citroen 2CV. Through him we got some nice insight thoughts as well as advice.

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With Gabriel & Samira we travelled for around 2 weeks. Most of the time it was raining, so we kind of hurried through without seeing much. Besides camping out wild (it was their first time without Police interruption), we shared some fun times playing cards at huge truck stops or small gas stations. At Vila Velha, we managed to spend the night inside the state park, an area with impressing stone formations.


Once at the Ilha do Mel we had some 5 days of sunshine which made us decide to stay in that area. The Honey Island, as it’s called, is a car free zone half an hour offshore.


We made the experience that a brazilian “no” is much more a “maybe-yes” if it comes to taking dogs on the ferry to the island. It didn’t necessarily mean that Pimi liked that ride but she definitely liked the island. She liked it so much that she “got lost running after birds” and was only found minutes before the last ferry’s departure. At the sight of the huge, wobbly, noisy monster swimming in the water she decided to run away again, so the boat was delayed offering a nice spectacle to all passengers with a pier full of people trying to stop a dog from running and Mo chasing behind. Hahaha…


Morretes offered us a nice traditional dish in a very fancy town.
When we are asked what we have seen of the area we are usually embarrassed. We missed the second largest dam in the world, We missed the historical city Parati and the most beautiful Island of Brazil, “Ilha Grande”. One day we’ll come back, that’s what we say.
After searching in vain for some spare parts for Gabriel & Samira’s Toyota Landcruiser, we arrived in the region of Ubatuba. An area where the jungle reaches down to the ocean.


Our swiss friends in quite a hurry and Mo having stomach problems we decided to split up and spend some more time at the wonderful beaches in Ubatuba. We even found us a nice abandoned house on a cliff with a tiny idyllic fisherman’s beach. The locals were really nice and let us camp there for 2 days without charging. When we wanted to leave they were surprised and wondered if we didn’t like it. If we ever find that nice hidden place again, we would love to stay there again.

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