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The sea, Swiss Cheese and a nature reserve

Bloged in The gap 2010 by gu-ru on 04:00 PM

Almost three months ago we left Barra São João, RJ, Brazil to continue our travels through Rio das Ostras, a touristy beach town, up to Sana. Sana is a nice laid back hippie town in the mountains, a brazilian insider hint not yet to be found in the Lonely Planet. We happened to get there for the holiday of brazilian independence day. The tiny town with its famous waterfalls was crowded.


At the small “tourist office” stall they drew us a map to a waterfall that’s accessible with a “cachorro”, a dog. But they continued saying that it’s not easy to find and we needed a tour guide if we didn’t want to get lost and die on the way. To make a long story short: We found the place without problems and enjoyed the creek so much, that we decided to stay for 3 days in that remote place. After the holidays we also went to visit Sana and its famous waterfalls … I think I’ve never seen such a beautiful, long waterfall.


From Sana we came through Lumiar as well blessed with some nice waterfalls and very pretty stone formations. Nova Friburgo – it was founded around 1820 by Swiss immigrants that named the city after one of their hometowns. On the “circuito Tere-Fri” (from Teresópolis to Nova Friburgo) we got the chance to visit a Swiss cheese factory. The attached Swiss museum told the story of the 2000 Swiss immigrants that sought a better life in the new world. Due to Napoleon loosing the battle at Waterloo and the flourishing British economy flooding Europe with cheap stuff, the Swiss had run into great poverty and even famine. So the invitation of the portuguese king João VI to settle in Brazil seemed to be a wonderful chance. Unfortunately, only some 600 Swiss survived the first decades.

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In Albuquerque we were invited by a nice Brazilian couple we had met in Barra São João. They live together with 9 dogs, 2 hawks, 2 owls, lots of parrots and ducks as well as wild armadillos on a huge terrain. We spent a nice weekend together with them, eating wonderful BBQ, a cheese fondue and visiting the national park Serra dos Orgaos.

Museo do futuro

On the way to Teresópolis we had visited a “museo do futuro”: A complex of buildings all shaped like igloos, a bit mystic and very new to us. The lady showing us around had told us that there was a German in the region who had an interesting building technique all with recycled material and mosaic. What we had been looking for was to see an earth ship or the sand bag method. So we went to pass by at that Germans place for an hour or two.

gemeinsam kochen und abwaschen

That German’s name is Eraldo and his Argentinean wife is Marianna. When we arrived there our car had some problems and Eraldo said: “Maybe your car needs some rest. Good you’ve come here.” I don’t know how it all started but we ended up calling their private nature reserve our home for two months.

Mariana in ihrem Element

We worked with them like woofers (something that we’ve wanted to do for quite some time on this trip). We helped in the garden, made mosaic, made paper, dug a canal to dry the land, cut trees, helped at practical seminars, cleaned the pool, got leaves out of the creek (natural fertilizer) and last but not least Tino fixed all kinds of electric stuff, starting with washing machines, CD-Players, install electricity and helped fix the generator.

During this time, Mo also had the chance to surprise her mom for her special birthday and flew to Germany for two weeks. It was a wonderful time seeing family and so many friends that had put in so much effort to meet her.

Now the time has come to continue our travels. We would rather like to settle for now and just have a regular working schedule but … that is still a few steps ahead. Our plan is to leave Brazil the latest in the beginning of January and continue to Paraguay. More I don’t dare to say … cause LIFE means also CHANGE. ;o)

So far from our side. And what’s going on in your life? We would love to hear from you!!


  1. Ich bin froh, dass Ihr Euch noch nicht niederlasst, sonst hätte ich hier wohl nicht mehr so gutes zu lesen…

    Trackback by Nicolai Michel Wednesday November 28th, 2012 06:29 PM

  2. Sonst könnten wir ja dann vielleicht etwas erfinden… 🙂

    Trackback by gu-ru Wednesday November 28th, 2012 06:36 PM

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