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a visa expires, a new era dawns, and Spanish is trendy again

Bloged in The gap 2010 by gu-ru on 06:38 PM

Hello friends,

We hope y’all had a splendid start into 2013. We spent Christmas with a wonderful couchsurfing family and their friends in Campo Grande. Jiri, Debora and Felipe made these days away from home very special to us.


The last days of 2012 we spent in Bonito, a nice city just south of the Pantanal, snorkeling, relaxing and visiting the famous “Lagoa Azul” Cave.

Lagoa Azul

Somehow, we even managed to make it to Paraguay to celebrate New Year’s with Walter, a German expat we met half a year ago at Foz do Iguazu. Crossing the border in Ponta Porà was a tough one, not because of their strict control though: We wanted to leave on Sunday 30th of December and nobody in this international city knew where the immigration was. Of course it doesn’t matter to the residents as you just have to cross the main street to be in the other country. Once we’ve found the immigration it was closed but lucky enough we managed to stand in a tremendous line during the only 2 hours they attended travelers in the old year. At 10pm we had our stamps, spent the night in front of the immigration and arrived in Coronel Oviedo on the 31st late afternoon to celebrate with Walter, his wife Domi and another guest.
So now you’re wondering what we’ve been doing the last month?
After leaving the Ecovila El Nagual in November, we spent some wonderful days with Hanna & Christophs family in Rio de Janeiro (remember how we were woofering with them in El Nagual?).


Together we climbed the Corcovado hill to see the statue of Christ the Redeemer, strolled around Santa Teresa and the Lagoa with Pimi and baked all kinds of wonderful German goods. Hanna’s Mom grew up in one of the south Brazilian German colonies and to my surprise didn’t speak any Portuguese until starting school. I trust her being more “German” than myself and surely she’s speaking better German than Tino (let’s see if he ever reads this ;o) ).
Pimi enjoyed the lovely attention of Hanna’s Family and the luxury life of their apartment and was quite sad when we left for Paraty. The historic architecture of that 17th century city is truly something special.


Besides visiting again our dream house with its private beach (we’ve written about that earlier on) we very much enjoyed the car-free island “Ilha Grande”. Due to the Brazilians’ fear of dogs, Pimi had to wear a muzzle

Fähre nach Ilha Grande

on the 2 hour ferry ride, but the island was worth it. Despite the scorching heat we did day hikes to remote beaches and even went on a boat tour together with new friends and our 4-legged buddy. Everything was perfect until the last night when we left Pimi (with the guard’s permission) on the camp ground sleeping. First thing we heard in the morning was people saying how nice it was that the dog was finally quiet. Apparently, Pimienta had been barking for over an hour straight whereupon the guard went to look all over the town to find us. Fortunately, this is South America and with a beer and a nice tip everything was fine again.
Because we were in the region we decided to visit the beach town of Trindade, which is bursting at the seams with tourists. We spent a day there but found some nice secluded beach further away.


Paraty-Mirim was the contrary. Cows, horses and chicken shared the dirt road there and as far as I can judge, only locals strolled along the beach. One of these locals had a distinct accent that seemed easier to understand: Heribert is a German from Stuttgart, who is just wanting to settle with his Brazilian wife to the “new world”. What are you doing to all these people over there in “good old Germany” that they’re fleeing in crowds?
With Heribert and Lilia it was like so many times. You meet, share a beer, later a meal, it gets late and then you are invited to spend the night on their property. Of course we accepted to stay with such nice people.
Because we had not only been accepted but also invited for Christmas by our favorite couchsurfing family in Campo Grande, we had to hurry and say “Goodbye” to the nice brazil coast. For the 1600km drive up there we eventually even got a little support from Don Rayos big brother who literally took us on its piggyback. The voltage regulator had moaned his good byes.


That way at least we got to gain some experience with the emergency poll, fortunately the light way … but that’s another story. After claiming a gas station our home for two days, we got some spare parts from the closest city, Bauru. The towing was for free … but don’t ask about the cost to fix Don Rayo!
So now we are here in Paraguay at Walters place. Tino is doing quite well as a car mechanic and good old Don Rayo is thanking him with quitting all those strange grunt sounds. Our new shock absorbers just leave us with a tired smile while passing the annoying “rompe muelle” (speed bumps).


And now???
We certainly are going to explore Paraguay, keep our heads cool in this scorching heat and, if possible, try to find an opportunity that proceeds regular income. That saying, now is the chance to put in all your ideas for smuggling. The best ones are going to be rewarded in our next report!! ;o)
Hasta luego, amigos!!

!!! For all of you having trouble finding the pics attached to this report, please click http://www.gu-ru.info/wordpress/?page_id=102&g2_itemId=16532 . ;o)


  1. Hallo Ihr zwei,

    bei den tollen Bildern kann man ja richtig neidisch werden! Hier ist gerade tiefster Winter. Die letzten Tage hat es nochmal richtig geschneit und alles ist gerade wunderschön weiß.
    So langsam wirds zu hause ziemlich langweilig und ich beneide Euch doch wieder um Eure Abenteuer :-))

    Viele liebe Grüße aus der Heimat,
    Sabine & Tobi

    Trackback by Sabine Saturday January 19th, 2013 08:09 PM

  2. Hallo Mo und Tino
    Soeben haben wir in euren Reiseberichten geschnuppert und mit euch um die Welt gereist. Die Fotos sind super! Sind nun in Asuncion…mucho calor!!! Und bei euch? Immer noch in COSARA? Hoffen dass es dir Tino wieder besser geht.
    Muchos saludos de Asunciõn
    Marliese y Marcel

    Trackback by Marliese y Marcel Monday April 1st, 2013 02:37 AM

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