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Done with the beautiful cold South

Bloged in The gap 2010 by gu-ru on 06:43 PM

With some of you we had a little more contact lately while being stuck in Chile Chico in a little hut next to the fireplace. But most of you only have heard of us travelling through Argentina in order to reach the South of Chile without taking the expensive ferries.


It must have been during our first Miles in Argentina, when our only spare tire found its freedom on the road. The next morning upon realizing our loss, we searched a little but for those of you who know the kind of vehicles that drive in Argentina … our spare tire is worth a lot and there is not much hope of it staying on the side of the road for long. (read on…)

A dog, lakes, islands and a visit at home

Bloged in The gap 2010 by gu-ru on 10:10 PM

Wow, it’s been quite a while since our last report. And a lot has happened in that time.


We drove back to the lake and adopted one of the sweet, abandoned, cuddly puppies – her name is Pimienta and she’s still sweet but not so cuddly anymore with her 6 months and 12kg. She’s very smart and learns well, but first WE had to learn how to educate such a little dog (we both have no experience with dogs). It works quite well so far and she has adapted well. Of course, traveling with a dog is very different and I fear you will have to put up with some stories about Pimienta when we Skype… : ) (read on…)

Lots of dust, water and a frontier

Bloged in The gap 2010 by gu-ru on 09:11 AM
Eben: Staubstrasse

Chile has endless amounts of dust! And that likes to gather in our car. No matter how well we close all the doors and windows, dust finds its way nonetheless. No wonder, none of the campgrounds has lawns as we know from Europe. And the really beautiful places can mostly only be reached by dust road. Our Don Rayo can do them pretty well, but he doesn’t get away unharmed. Well, we’re not complaining, not a word! (read on…)

First Adventures with Don Rayo

Bloged in The gap 2010 by gu-ru on 11:10 PM

As we are lucky enough to find internet in a campground, first time in over 2 weeks, we might as well use it to send you a little update from our behalf.

[wpgmappity id=”3″]

Since Don Rayo, our new travel companion, was added to our life, our travels obviously changed a lot. He allows us to travel to all those far away places that no public bus would ever take us.
And we never missed cramping everything into our backpacks on almost daily bases… 20kg each … after over a year. Annoyances that probably most of you don’t think of that often, right?

Because we are still waiting on (read on…)

The north of the south

Bloged in The gap 2010 by gu-ru on 11:24 PM

Hello everyone … we are getting a little lazy cause we’re not getting any responses … does anybody still read our reports or are y´all too occupied with daily life?? :0)
Don´t worry, so are we and that´s why we´ve been so far behind with our reports, lol.


To make a long story short: we travelled pretty much directly to San Pedro de Atacama. A place any of you need to visit once in your lifetime. The landscape is crazy, could be on the moon as well. We discovered the place by bicycle, in the scorching heat, acompanied by three lovely stray dogs who Mo adopted quickly as part of our family for the day. (read on…)


Bloged in The gap 2010 by gu-ru on 07:08 PM

Happily back from the Galapagos, we spent a few days with our new friends Anita and Gonzalo who welcomed us to their house, showed and drove us around town and actually reconsiled us with Quito.

cheese fondue with our lovely friends

Then a short visit to Canoa at the coast where we also were welcomed with open hearts by Anke and Thomas (you remember the swiss-german couple in their Toyota-van we had met in Leymebamba, Peru). They spent their last few days in Canoa after managing a hotel for 4 months.
The next weekend, we met Anita and Gonzalo again in Quito and spent two wonderful days at Volcano Cotopaxi and other sights, sleeping in our tents. (read on…)

Galapagos … a little different

Bloged in The gap 2010 by gu-ru on 07:13 AM

For our second honeymoon we treated ourselves with a holiday from our vacation, as some people pointed out. Something special for our anniversary, we thought.

350$ for the flight, 100$ entrance fee for the national park and the higher price on the islands made it clear that this is a “once in a lifetime” activity and so we booked for 3 1/2 weeks. (read on…)

Bye Colombia (for now)

Bloged in The gap 2010 by gu-ru on 04:48 AM

Our next stop after San Gil was Santa Marta and its neighboring little fishing town Taganga at the caribbean coast.

Tauchen in Taganga

You can do some nice cheap scuba dives in Taganga, besides that it’s mostly one thing: touristy. After 4 days below, in, above and at the water, we wanted to continue further north to Riohacha and beyond to the northernmost corner of South America, Punto Gallinas. But while checking out of the Hostel, Tino felt fevery.

41° Fieber

Almost 5 fevery days later, the doctors found the cause of it: Leptospirosis. That’s an ugly bacterial infection, can be quite dangerous. Tino got antibiotics through the vein, which could be applied by Mo, so we didn’t even have to stay in the hospital – Yippieh! After 2 weeks (read on…)

… Hello Colombia!! :o)

Bloged in The gap 2010 by gu-ru on 12:43 AM

Our life is changing quite quickly:

every day life in Huanchaco

After finding out that Tino’s symptoms, which fit Dengue Fever perfectly, weren’t Dengue, we decided to leave the touristy, overpriced city of Iquitos. Finally, some strong debates about prices and if it was smart to go on another poop-water-for-cooking-lancha later, we ended up on the rapid boat to get to (read on…)

Mendoza, Cheto, a long boat ride and … the jungle

Bloged in The gap 2010 by gu-ru on 11:27 PM

As always we were rewarded in travelling off the beaten track: In Mendoza, a town known lately for its coffee plantations and investing into tourism, was quite an experience.
Michel put it this way: We are so rich, we have everything here. I can play pool for 1 Sol (30cents) a night, I can surf the internet for 1 Sol an hour. I have the nature and I love to show it to people, and that happens to be my job.

Happy people in the underworld ...

And really, with them we had so much fun in this little town … Tino spoke on the local radio, we met a bunch of fun people, and were able to view a wonderful cave that was worth the visit even without all the technical challenges. (read on…)

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